Learners who enroll in the professional certificate or individual modules pay the same rate per module. The cost per module ranges from $270 to $750, depending on the number of units. Visit the module page for individual module costs.

To earn the online Plant Breeding and Genetics Professional Certificate, learners must take 7 required core units and 5 elective units of their choice.

Cost per Module:

1-unit module = $270

2-unit module = $490

3-unit module = $750

Total Cost to Earn the Professional Certificate: $3,190–$3,240 (Modules are offered continuously throughout the year.)

There are no additional university fees outside of the cost of the modules. The registration deadline for each module is one week prior to the module start date. If a learner registers after that date, they are subject to a $25 late fee.


If these classes were taken for professional credit and the learner wants academic credit at a later date, learners must re-take the modules as a UNL learner.

Accessing Blackboard, Canvas, or Campus eXtension Online

Learners need a Blackboard, Canvas or Campus eXtension Online login to participate in some of the modules in the online Plant Breeding and Genetics Professional Certificate program or refresher modules.

To acquire a guest Blackboard or Canvas account, contact Kathy Schindler at

Learners who require a Campus eXtension Online login will receive an enrollment key (password) via email prior to the start of the module session.

Earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs) earn continuing education units (CEUs) for completing modules in the online Plant Breeding and Genetics Professional Certificate program. Learners can self-report their CEUs through the CCA website.

Transferring Credits

The online Plant Breeding & Genetics Professional Certificate program does accept transfer courses from other approved universities. Learners can transfer up to 3 units to the professional certificate. To transfer professional units from another university, learners must email a module memo, certificate of completion, or other evidence of successful module completion to Kathy Schindler at

Dropping or Adding a Module

Dropping a Module

To drop a module, learners should contact the instructor. Learners who drop a module between the first day and the end of the first week of a module receive a 100% refund (minus processing fees) or may transfer the payment to another module in the program.

Learners who drop between the second week and halfway through the module are eligible for a 50% refund (minus processing fees). Any module dropped after the midpoint of the session is not eligible for a refund.

Adding a Module

Learners who register for a module between the registration deadline (one week prior to the module start date) and end of the first week of a module must pay a $25 late fee.

More information about dropping or adding a module.

Technical Support

Learners can call 402.472.1730, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. for technical support.

If video lectures, exams, or module materials are not available when they should be, please email the module instructor, teaching assistant, Diane Nolan (, Information Technology Associate, or Kathy Schindler (, administrative associate.

Requirements to Complete the Certificate

To earn the online Plant Breeding and Genetics Professional Certificate, online learners must complete a total of 12 units, including 7 core units and 5 elective units. Learn more about the program here.

Learners must display a competency in the module subject matter based on exams, papers, presentations, online module discussions, or additional assignments given by the instructor.

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