Basic Plant Genetic Principles

Instructors: Dr. Don Lee & Grace Troupe

Units: 3 professional units


Registration for Non-credit Professional Development section (self-paced). Self-paced starting the first of every month.


Genetic principles of inheritance in plants and animals and their significance in biology and agriculture will be discussed. Topics include the physical basis of heredity in families and populations; introduction to chromosome biology; the molecular basis for gene expression; and modern genetic engineering tools used in animal and plant systems. Weekly problem sets and some participant-run experiments will be used to clarify genetics and selective plant breeding topics.


The self-paced version of the module is recommended for self-motivated individuals. Self-paced Genetic Principles is held in Campus eXtension Online. Non-credit learners will receive an Enrollment Key/Password near the start of the session.


High-speed Internet access with an updated browser, email, video ability. Recommended browsers include Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


All materials will be available via eExtension / Blackboard / Plant & Soil Sciences eLibrary.


$750 per three unit module

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