Learning Biotechnology

Summer 2018: June 4 – August 10, 2018

Instructor: Dr. Donald Lee

1 Unit


Noncredit Professional Development for 1 unit at $270 by credit card


This module investigates biotechnology and its application in solving problems and connects biotechnology to basic science concepts in biology and chemistry. Integrates individually-designed biotechnology lessons into learning standards.


Internet / Canvas


Internet access and email


None. All materials will be available via the Internet/Canvas.


Noncredit Professional Development Module: $270 total cost for 1 unit. Please request a guest Canvas account from Kathy Schindler, kschindler1@unl.edu.

Who It’s For:

Among those who would benefit from taking this module are:

  • Learners in the Plant Breeding & Genetics professional certificate
  • Extension educators and specialists
  • Agronomists and crop consultants
  • Agribusiness professionals engaged in marketing, sales or training
  • Government officials and community leaders

At a Glance